Our product is a universal robotic station equipped with a robot with a tool, a control cabinet with power supply, a PLC controller with an HMI panel, a safety system and a rotary table. At the customer's request, any process can be carried out at the station by a robot selected by the customer. The basic equipment provides flexibility in terms of further station configuration. The rotary table and fencing enable safe and simultaneous work for the operator and the robot.
Below we present a robotic station equipped with a KUKA KR8R1620 C4 robot with a KRC4 controller and a WEISS rotary table. Both composite elements are made of a steel base. An integral part is also a staple magazine with an automatic feeder. The robot's tool is a BEA pneumatic stapler. Additional equipment of the station includes: a control cabinet with a Siemens PLC controller, HMI panel, SICK safety system and AXELENT fencing. At the station, the process of stitching the details decorating the interior of cars popular in Europe and in the world is carried out.



Our stations ready for tests


Stamping station
View of installed station

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